Short Stories in Print

These stories appear only in the pages of these literary magazines. 


“The Place You’re Supposed to Laugh” in the Indianola Review [Pushcart nomination]

“Ladies & Gentlemen, The Invincibles” in Tahoma Literary Review [Pushcart nomination]

“Recycling” in Night Train

“Oh So High” in Dislocate [at-large Pushcart nomination]

“Five Stages of Sandy” in Oh! Sandy (anthology)

“All-American” in failbetter [Pushcart nomination]

“Re-think” in Readymade

“Geeks” in The MacGuffin

“How to be the bigger person” in Surgery of Modern Warfare

“Cast of Characters” in Pindeldyboz

“Near the Highway” in Red Rock Review

Ashby Ave. (anthology)

“Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later than You Think)” in Ibid